Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weight Training In Children

I'm sure some of you wonder if weight children is okay in children. Some of you may have the perception that weight training is a no-no for children because it will harm their physiological build and stunt their growth. According to the Australian Strength and Training Association, weight training in children can be safe if properly implemented. Here are a few training tips that can be implemented when having your child weight train.

Level 1:
For ages 6-9
- Body weight exercises
- Light resistance exercises
- All high reps (15 + reps per set)

Level 2:
For ages 9-12
- Free weight exercises
- Machine exercises (only if appropriate for the child's size)
- 10 - 15 rep max.

Level 3:
For ages 12-15
- More free weight exercises
- Avoid complex lifts like cleans, snatches, dead lift squats

Level 4:
For ages 15-18
- Move towards adult program involving split routines multi-joint movements.

Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (2007) Weight Training In Children.

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